How Much Can You Personally Fight and Reduce Climate Change?

As we’ve written before, climate change is one of the most important problems – and biggest fights – of our generation. And recent progress – not to mention historic levels of concerning weather developments – is not encouraging.

At an average global temperate increase of just +2° Celsius (close to the United Nations’ and Paris Agreement’s climate change reduction targets) scientists anticipate we’ll see ongoing spikes in forest fires and other natural disasters. Nearly all the world’s ocean reefs and the wildlife that relies on it will die out.

At +3° many major coastal cities are underwater or will need to be completely re-engineered to withstand rising sea levels.

And at +4°, Europe will be in permanent drought, while large parts of China, India and the southwestern United States become deserts.

The time to act is now, one of the many reasons why Brightest is partnering with and the grassroots #RiseforClimate movement this summer.

But climate change also can feel like a big, daunting problem. After all, it effects the entire Earth. We need sweeping economic and policy changes to tackle it. So what can the average person do to help prevent it? 

While we do all need to work together to fight climate change, the good news is there are many easy things you, your family and your friends can do to reduce your personal carbon footprint. Best of all, many of them are easy, small changes.

To show you how, we made a new infographic we hope you’ll share. Continue reading “How Much Can You Personally Fight and Reduce Climate Change?”